Twilit [adjective]

Definition of Twilit:

dark-hued; murky

Synonyms of Twilit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twilit:




Sentence/Example of Twilit:

He led her through a studded iron door into the twilit auditorium.

He had had enough of snow and ice, and the merciless cold of the twilit trail.

It looked squat, it was utterly dwarfed in the twilit vastness.

In that twilit chamber it was as if a man fought with a dream-monster in a nightmare.

“The sound is like a bell,” a far, fary chime in a twilit forest.

She stood looking after the girl as she went out into the twilit street.

She offered it to him in the twilit room like an enraptured handmaid.

The man stood just within the shelter of the twilit forests.

As evening fell, battle scenes grew vivid in the twilit compartment, because he was thinking again!

We used to sit and gaze at the twilit city, until the creeping darkness overtook us.