Twinge [noun]

Definition of Twinge:

sharp pain

Synonyms of Twinge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twinge:

Sentence/Example of Twinge:

The generous "twinge of pain," to which she confesses, was intelligible.

"She would," averred Barry stoutly, over the twinge of an inner qualm.

She had a twinge of pity, watching the old faces pale and kindle.

That gate he saw, with a twinge of conscience, was wide open.

The young man felt a sudden pang of compunction, a twinge of conscience.

Then came a sudden remembrance of his parting with Helen and with it a twinge of conscience.

Yet, for years after that night, he could not recall it without a twinge of bitterness.

He did not say what he would do, for his foot gave him a twinge which demanded of him every word he could spare.

Such a twinge came to him now as he watched the stout figure at the table.

I fear I indulged in the hock yesterday, for I feel a twinge.