Twinkling [adjective]

Definition of Twinkling:


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Sentence/Example of Twinkling:

Twinkling lights were all that I could see of the noted town.

Twinkling, shining, expanding, the stars grew into a pair of eyes in the darkness.

Twinkling eyes with red lashes shone with the utmost good-will.

A beacon-light far off, Twinkling across the waves like a star!

Twinkling lights also appeared in the night heavens between the swiftly flying clouds.

Twinkling is much more violent near the horizon than near the zenith, and more pronounced on some nights than others.

Twinkling so that there is gas, budding so that there is hair, blaming so that there is pleasing, all along the heap of all.

Twinkling among the houses a light keeps watch here and there, in what may be a sick chamber or two.

Twinkling camp fires showed that they were running toward a country that was literally swarming with Germans.

Twinkling stars hung between the columns, burning with a fragrance like flowers.