Twinned [verb]

Definition of Twinned:

make, become a twosome

Synonyms of Twinned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twinned:

Sentence/Example of Twinned:

The world that is, and the world that is not, twinned in time and in power!

Love and passion are so twinned in some hours of life that one cannot distinguish in himself the one from the other.

The upper ocellus is generally bipupiled, that is to say, the black spot is twinned, and there are two small light spots in it.

Keep your twinned ewes on good feed and water, also by themselves, if you expect them to raise you two good lambs.

Twinned crystals are not uncommon, and there is a distinct cleavage parallel to the face marked b in the figure.

Four cells from dried Onion-peel, each holding a crystal of different shape, one of them twinned.

Calcite is also remarkable for the variety and perfection of its twinned crystals.