Twisting [verb]

Definition of Twisting:

curl, spin

Synonyms of Twisting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twisting:

Sentence/Example of Twisting:

She stood looking down, twisting her ring around her finger.

And so he did, twisting it up and setting it to the flame of the candle.

She had one end of the shawl between her fingers and was twisting it aimlessly.

Especially when he trips you, the minister's son, up, about twisting the Bible.

"I—I won't do it again," she faltered, twisting her hands together.

"That's what he said," Duncan answered, twisting his brows whimsically.

He, stupefied, watched her trotting to and fro, twisting about and singing as she went.

And, by twisting herself about in front of a looking-glass, she ended by catching a glimpse of it.

"The cats 'ave been in that laylock," he replied, twisting off a broken branch.

"I see," said the doctor, looking grave and twisting his face this way and that.