Twitch [verb]

Definition of Twitch:

have a spasm

Synonyms of Twitch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twitch:

Sentence/Example of Twitch:

He gave a twitch of his fingers upon the reins, and turned from the trail to investigate.

John looked after him without so much as a twitch in a single nerve of his face.

Unconsciously he had betrayed himself in a despair of voice and twitch of movement.

Then her eyes began to blaze and her lips to twitch spasmodically.

The still head began to rock, the throat to swell, the lips to twitch.

Her fingers were working nervously and her eyes beginning to twitch.

John could see him give his tie a twitch as he rang the front bell.

I guess she never had him twitch off her best cap, and toss it in a mud-puddle.

They received the strangest theories without a twitch of the mouth.

Any cross-roader who can tip dice the way you were working them can twitch an ear.