Twofold [adjective]

Definition of Twofold:

having more than one and less than three

Synonyms of Twofold:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twofold:


Sentence/Example of Twofold:

The two together supply our guardians with their twofold nature.

There is a twofold difficulty in apprehending this aspect of the Platonic writings.

Joy is twofold when both share it, and only grief is less for being borne by two.

Were I to be guided by thine advice a twofold purpose would be served.

The method by which he got the allies to connive at his doings was twofold.

His purpose in this was twofold, and treacherous in both cases.

The reason for nose breathing rather than mouth breathing is twofold.

My whole attitude must have betrayed my twofold astonishment.

And as a result of this twofold notion, a twofold increase in the child.

The motion of walking, like the motion of breathing, is twofold.