Tying [adjective]

Definition of Tying:


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Sentence/Example of Tying:

He was tying a most complicated knot, and could not look up.

In tying the professor they came upon the pistol in his coat pocket.

"Maybe," said Dilly, nodding and tying her last bundle of papers.

She went forward, tying on her bonnet, and her cheeks were pink.

Tying his horse to a ring in the wall, he obeyed the signal.

I could feel them tying the mouth of the sack above my head.

Warts may safely be destroyed by tying them closely round the bottom with a silk thread, or a strong flaxen thread well waxed.

“I had it,” her mother smiled, tying a ribbon to hold the bright curls.

Tying up some other clothing into a little bundle, she opened the door and listened.

Below the men were dismounting, tying their horses among the trees.