Tympanum [noun]

Definition of Tympanum:

inside of ear

Synonyms of Tympanum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tympanum:


Sentence/Example of Tympanum:

It consists of a tympanum or drum, having a stylus attached as in the phonograph.

The tympanum of the large arch is pierced with a quatrefoil or trefoil.

The tympanum is filled with stones arranged in zig-zag patterns.

Imagine such an establishment domesticated at one's tympanum!

In the tympanum are good reliefs and a well-cut Adoration of the Magi.

Elden, was intended to cure deafness by cutting the tympanum.

First of all, in the tympanum of the left bay, we have His Last Coming.

There is no external ear, no tympanum, and no Eustachian tube.

This tympanum, surmounted by a large cornice, dominates the work.

In the tympanum is the subject of the Last Judgment in relief.