Typed [adjective]

Definition of Typed:

written on a typewriter

Synonyms of Typed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Typed:


Sentence/Example of Typed:

He had obtained writing-paper, and typed a copy of a letter.

The word "handsome" was typed in the offer from which Mr. Vandeford made to Mr. Leigh.

More, the four lines comprising it had been penned, not typed.

Making corrections as they went, Chloe typed it on the tape.

I gave him the slip, went back to Mr. Grell, and typed out a note to you.

He had typed it on the blank half-sheet of a letter given to him by Grell.

Also, the Arpalones typed us before they'd let us land on any planet.

I sent it to be typed in town so that it would present a better appearance.

Her characters were paper dolls and lay on the typed sheets as flat as paper dolls.

As I typed, the interest and pleasure in the story lasted just through that process.