Typescripts [noun]

Definition of Typescripts:

publication; something impressed

Synonyms of Typescripts:

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Sentence/Example of Typescripts:

The bundle of letters relating to the purchase of the house were with the typescript.

I bound up my copies of typescript and shoved them out into the world.

Charles Nisson picked up a typescript and held it out to the child.

A word should be added about the editor's changes of these two plays in the typescript.

In the preparation of the typescript for these remaining two plays, certain problems had of necessity to be decided arbitrarily.

The pile of typescript on my floor can but annoyingly and too palpably testify that the madness has raged for some weeks.

I read in the typescript that in my trance I heard cows low and water swirling level with my ears and the creaking of wood.

Manning had picked up a sheaf of typescript from the table next to him and was flipping through it, his lips pursed grimly.