Typesetting [noun]

Definition of Typesetting:

publication; something impressed

Synonyms of Typesetting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Typesetting:


Sentence/Example of Typesetting:

In typesetting, the rule is first placed in the stick, and the type then placed against it.

Typesetting on this book was poor, especially with respect to punctuation.

For authors or editors a knowledge of typesetting is very valuable.

Typesetting errors have been corrected and marked like this.

The best thing is to forget it, but I'll make good your typesetting loss.

They could not handle the typesetting, so they farmed that part out to us.

Typesetting and bookkeeping are in some instances beginning to be open to them.

All other spelling, punctuation, grammatical and typesetting errors have been left as they were in the original book.

It's a cleaner trade than typesetting and fussing round a small-town print shop.

Like the telegraph as intended by Morse, there was the interposition of typesetting before a message could be sent.