Typists [noun]

Definition of Typists:

office worker

Synonyms of Typists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Typists:


Sentence/Example of Typists:

I asked if she was a shop assistant, and with a toss of her head she told me she was a typist.

I got a post as typist in a city office and I drifted to Shamrock House.

That she was a high-bred lady his own senses had told him, whether she were a typist or no!

The typist looked down at them, and she couldnt help laughing.

Challis knew he could rely on the accuracy of this typist, at a pinch.

The young man got up at once and left the room, followed by the typist.

"You need be a typist no longer unless you choose," he said.

She is a typist, and should be home by this time in the evening.

The final draft of "The Monster" was done and ready for the typist.

Miss Vivian could not but recognize the description of her typist.