Typos [noun]

Definition of Typos:

error, erroneousness

Synonyms of Typos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Typos:

Sentence/Example of Typos:

Page 30, "gambling hells" is likely a typo but is reproduced as printed.

Page 399: Retained Mormops, but possibly a typo for Mormoops.

Since this seems like a typo, it has been changed to "finely powdered."

Page 397: Typo "then" corrected in "Legislature, and thne of"

Page 69: The term 'throgh cropping' is a typo for 'through cropping'.

Page 326: The phrase 'it it clearly a catch crop' is a typo for 'it is clearly a catch crop'.

Page 124: The phrase 'western alleys' is a typo for western valleys.

Page 124: The phrase 'largely de-depend' is a typo for 'largely depend'.

Page 189: The phrase 'many instance' is a typo for 'many instances'.

Page 100: The phrase 'skilled workmen' is a typo for 'skilled workman'.