Tyrannic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Tyrannic:

She was a widow and a man-grabber; she still had a tyrannic beauty and a greed of conquest.

She replied to his tyrannic voice with one as hard and stabbing as a gimlet.

In the third line of this rather fine poem 1656 reads 'romantic' for 'tyrannic', and Miss Guiney adopts it.

He was trembling through fear that the Spanish government might call him to account for this tyrannic act.

That he was pious after a fashion is most likely, but that he also practised the tyrannic cruelties of his age is undoubted.

Least of all would I fix the transitory spirit of civil fury by perpetuating and methodizing it in tyrannic government.

If these princes had shown a tyrannic disposition, it would be much to be lamented.

In glancing at the reign of Alexander II., the eye involuntarily runs over the full panorama of tyrannic outrages.

The flogging practices of this tyrannic head of the "Third Section" are still in every one's recollection.

But Frederick is responsible, as every principal is, who launches an agent in a lawless and tyrannic course.