Tyrannies [noun]

Definition of Tyrannies:


Opposite/Antonyms of Tyrannies:

Sentence/Example of Tyrannies:

But there is really no need to choose between anarchy and tyranny.

I want to liberate Englishmen so far as I can from the tyranny of Shakespeare's greatness.

Who drove us into the arms of Athens, when we were hard pressed by the tyranny of Thebes?

That cause, he said, was the liberation of Greece from the tyranny of Athens.

A bondman's change from the tyranny of another to the despotism of himself.

No doubt, all that the supporters of any tyranny desire is to be let alone.

But if thou essayest the means of tyranny and force, the attempt will be fatal to thee.

Tyranny is ever full of apprehensions and environed with guards.

I'll away with the scabbard, and sheathe my sword in the bosom of tyranny.

Yes, we must always disobey our impulses, and resist the tyranny of our desires.