Tyrannized [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Tyrannized:

She had tyrannized over him even before the Ivers grew so very rich.

She knew what it was to be tyrannized over by powerful neighbours.

She tyrannized over me when she was a lass of six and I was a lad of ten.

He tyrannized over his people and never allowed them to live in peace.

We submit to unity because, in the Romans, we have a common foe; but we are not going to be tyrannized.

The presbyterians in that kingdom now tyrannized in their turn.

She tyrannized over them as a woman; they defended her as men.

It is so novel 268 to be tyrannized over by people whom you pay to attend to your comfort!

Whole families of beggars, not only preyed upon her, but tyrannized.

We are tyrannized by Major and Minor—by the bifurcated garment.