Tyrants [noun]

Definition of Tyrants:

person who dictates, oppresses

Synonyms of Tyrants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tyrants:

Sentence/Example of Tyrants:

Why should we cultivate talents merely to gratify the caprice of tyrants?

Sic semper tyrannis, does not mean "Tyrants are always sick."

But the tyrants, not long after, were constrained to recall the same again.

All tyrants want to crush reason, from the weak king to the weak father.

You will say that I have justified my statement that Bishop Wilson was the bitterest of tyrants.

It was a thing which some tyrants would have had me broken on the wheel.

Was he indeed the bitterest of tyrants as well as the serenest of saints?

What was that red-shirted scourge of tyrants that this man might not be?

Tyrants no less than ordinary mortals can distinguish merit.

With it in the world, there can be no more war—and if there is no more war, there is the end of kings and tyrants.