Ubiquitous [adjective]

Definition of Ubiquitous:


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Sentence/Example of Ubiquitous:

Does a newspaper, even the ubiquitous Petit Journal, penetrate into these solitudes?

But Sir Joseph was ubiquitous; and the whole of that place was barred against him.

He is supreme and ubiquitous in consciousness: his heart beats in every Element.

And they ran as if their life was at stake to do his bidding; were so active that they seemed to be ubiquitous.

In some ruined houses were yet more Scotsmen, most ubiquitous of peoples.

This fellow was a specimen of this genus that was ubiquitous in the army.

The ubiquitous Chief of the Secret Service shrugged his shoulders.

Freya haunted them both like an ubiquitous spirit, and as if she were the only woman in the world.

The men worked with good will; their officers, with ubiquitous energy.

The air was warm and still, heavy with the ubiquitous smells and sounds of wilderness.