Ubiquity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ubiquity:

His sensual curiosity, his elasticity, his ubiquity of mind reappeared.

He has raised us to partake, as it were, in the ubiquity of his own beneficence.

Robert made a laughing remark on the tyranny and ubiquity of babies.

All the changes going on among nations forecast its ubiquity.

This is considered a slight on the power and ubiquity of the German Navy.

He was accorded the gift of ubiquity, the attribute of many popular heroes.

Thanks largely to her ubiquity, the set ended in the triumph of the Fifth.

But though the heart be its special residence, it may be said to possess in a degree the ubiquity of its Divine Author.

Because of its ubiquity: go where we will, there, like the house-fly or the sparrow, we find it.

Such was the ubiquity of the emperor that this was absolutely hopeless.