Udders [noun]

Definition of Udders:

front of upper body

Synonyms of Udders:

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Sentence/Example of Udders:

If the udder of a milking cow becomes hard and painful, it should be fomented with warm water and rubbed with a gentle hand.

The glandular forms by far the largest portion of the udder.

After calving, some cracks and sores appear in the udder; they get very troublesome.

Garget in the udder, or weed, is also to be guarded against.

You might say now, though, that the tests have been an udder failure.

Cows are exceedingly liable to tuberculous disease of the udder.

Of these, the udder is held as hardly second to the tongue in delicacy.

The heat does not cook the curd in the vat any more than it cooks the milk in the cow's udder.

The udder should be soft and fleshless when empty, and extend high up in the rear.

Not a drop, if it can be avoided, should be left in the udder.