Ulcer [noun]

Definition of Ulcer:

an internal or external sore

Synonyms of Ulcer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ulcer:


Sentence/Example of Ulcer:

Might it not rather be some unknown form of ulcer of hysterical origin?

He has spoken of it as an ulcer that is draining the Empire of its resources.

No ulcer can heal, unless the absorption from it is as great as the deposition in it.

Oh, do not talk of her; she is my ulcer, particularly when I am in a bad temper.

The condition of the ulcer when the clay is removed is indescribable.

Another time one came to him for the cure of a cancer (or ulcer) in the bowells.

I know a boy had an ulcer on his eye and it was cured by that.

Thus an ulcer in the human body has been known to secrete milk.

The methods of rendering the ulcer aseptic have already been described.

Generally speaking, an ulcer of the leg is disturbed too often.