Ulcerate [verb]

Definition of Ulcerate:

intensify; become inflamed

Synonyms of Ulcerate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ulcerate:

Sentence/Example of Ulcerate:

Should the wound not readily heal, but ulcerate, it may be bathed with alum-water.

In scurvy the mouth and gums inflame and ulcerate, the latter becoming swollen, spongy, and of a bluish-red color.

Like other foreign bodies, a gall-stone may ulcerate through the intestine, producing fatal peritonitis.

And thus, when suffering does not ulcerate the heart and make it savage, it is the most softening of all influences.

The eyes may remain open for such long periods of time that the conjunctiva and sclera may become quite dry and ulcerate.

As the disease progresses the nodules tend to break down and ulcerate, leaving open sores.

These are very prone to become inflamed and to ulcerate during the course of typhoid fever.

The pupil is usually dilated, the cornea becomes opaque and may ulcerate, and there is photophobia and sometimes diplopia.

It forms an indolent swelling, which tends to break down slowly and to ulcerate.

Gummata grow more rapidly, are usually painful to the touch, are not freely movable, and tend to break down and ulcerate.