Ulcerated [adjective]

Definition of Ulcerated:

hurt physically

Synonyms of Ulcerated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ulcerated:

Sentence/Example of Ulcerated:

They were reddish-purple, ulcerated, and the stench was oppressive.

I may have an ulcerated tooth, and that, you know, is very painful.

He has an ulcerated tooth and is going to the Bay to-night to have it treated.

One or more of her sexual organs are now inflamed and ulcerated.

The mouth continually dreuls, and in some instances is ulcerated and sore.

The acidity of the throat was such, that it caused the tongue to be ulcerated.

Astringent; very valuable in diarrha, hmorrhages, agues, &c.; and as a gargle in ulcerated sore throat.

One of these has ulcerated, and the doctor tells me is in a serious condition.

He was attacked by fever and ulcerated bowels, in which excruciating pain he lingered for some time, till he died.

The ulcerated state of European war-psychology did, in fact, lend ominous emphasis to these gloomy prognostications.