Ultimately [adverb]

Definition of Ultimately:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ultimately:


Sentence/Example of Ultimately:

They call it a lift here, not knowing any better, but it gets there ultimately.

My afterlife was ultimately formed by the shock I had then received.

To this Cleo ultimately agreed, won over by Morgan's last argument.

Ultimately she went to live with the Campardons, and managed their household affairs.

He ultimately consented, and the marriage was solemnized by Abbe Mouret.

Ultimately he asked her to marry him, and to this she agreed.

He treated the girl very badly, and she ultimately left him.

A separation was arranged, and Durieu ultimately died in an asylum.

Ultimately he became so infatuated by her that he asked her to marry him, which she agreed to do.

Indeed, the worse way returning home must be ultimately the best.