Umbrellas [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Umbrellas:

And, hanging it over his umbrella, he stalked moodily onward.

President Cleveland held an umbrella over his head as he took the oath.

Bring him to me in the ramada, Jose, and be sure you bring the umbrella.

The stalwart man was buttoned up in a dark overcoat, and carried an umbrella.

Without hat or umbrella, my companion set off, chatting as we went.

The present style of the umbrella is varied, and sometimes elegant.

For what purpose this umbrella may have been carried we can only surmise.

On these grounds he was discharged, and the judge took the umbrella.

The man swung his umbrella, then began prodding the ground with it.

He was a large man clad in gray, and he was swinging an umbrella.