Umpire [noun]

Definition of Umpire:

person who settles dispute

Synonyms of Umpire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Umpire:


Sentence/Example of Umpire:

Where it stopped rolling an umpire marked and called the distance.

They argued and sometimes fought over the umpire's decision.

The origin of government is simply that two men call in a third for umpire.

An umpire should be with each outpost and with each scouting patrol.

Eliot was at bat, and the umpire had just called the second strike on him.

The umpire knew his business, however, and did not get rattled.

Better, he urged, to be umpire than participant in so ungrateful a contest.

After which he had a long argument with the umpire as to whether he was in or out.

He became the umpire of taste, and his word was received as the fiat of fashion.

There was a sixth boat for the umpire, Professor Gordon, to follow the race.