Unabated [adjective]

Definition of Unabated:

continuous, neverending

Synonyms of Unabated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unabated:

Sentence/Example of Unabated:

When we arose in the morning the storm was still blowing with unabated fury.

Bobby, however, continued to smile upon the room with unabated serenity.

He did not sulk in his tent, however, but pursued his work with unabated zeal.

The sun was shining with unabated splendour; as yet it wanted an hour to noon.

"I was there all the time," continued he, with unabated fluency.

For some years the dispute continued to rage with unabated fury.

When he returned he was without money, but his pride was unabated.

Still I watched on, with unabated vigilance, deep into the night.

For the greater part of the night the gale blew with unabated fury.

He too was drawing toward the end, but his powers were unabated.