Unaccented [adjective]

Definition of Unaccented:

faint, soft

Synonyms of Unaccented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unaccented:

Sentence/Example of Unaccented:

And the unworried, unaccented voice of her father went on tormenting her.

Aphesis is the loss of the unaccented first syllable, as in 'baccy and 'later.

The syllable having the grave accent is, as we should say, unaccented.

It is called feminine when it follows an unaccented syllable.

Like all his countrymen, he laid most stress on unaccented syllables.

They raised their hats to the Kid's girl and went on with their calm, unaccented palaver.

They are both within the zone of the unaccented syllable of the iamb.

H'm—h'm… here is oxyton—here and always… and proparoxyton: you have left it unaccented.

Sometimes also unaccented syllables are rimed with accented syllables, as burning: sing.

The unaccented vowel sounds show the usual predominance of the obscure vowel e, with three occurrences of and .