Unaccountable [adjective]

Definition of Unaccountable:

not explainable; mysterious

Synonyms of Unaccountable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unaccountable:

Sentence/Example of Unaccountable:

The unaccountable change in Eudora's character perplexed and troubled her.

It made a body feel creepy, it was so curious and unaccountable.

This was Evadna in a new and unaccountable mood, it seemed to him.

That is all I can tell you of that unaccountable being, myself.

He accepted it as he accepted all the unaccountable doings and manifestations of the gods.

Well, the ways of honorable gentlemen are to me unaccountable.

A child to give up her jewels like this—he found it unaccountable.

Some unaccountable impulse made him raise his eyes just then.

Yet once, by a strange and unaccountable impulse, he pressed it with his lips.

Something extraordinary, unaccountable, was in the manner of her brother.