Unaccountably [adverb]

Definition of Unaccountably:

exceptionally, particularly

Opposite/Antonyms of Unaccountably:

Sentence/Example of Unaccountably:

There is too much of the mother in it, to a daughter so unaccountably obstinate.

Irrationally, impulsively, unaccountably one loved one's country.

One was to make me unaccountably "blue" for the rest of that day.

And suddenly, unaccountably, he began to chuckle; he began to cackle noisily.

The conception was perfect, but the execution, unaccountably, fell short.

The influence that had quieted him so unaccountably had been in the girl, then?

And, though he knew that the lack of recognition was for his own safety, it hurt, unaccountably.

"Certainly not," I said coolly, for I was unaccountably irritated by the suggestion.

It was only when I mentioned the shape it had assumed, that you behaved so unaccountably!

He had unaccountably forgotten his old fondness for 'sells.'