Unadventurous [adjective]

Definition of Unadventurous:

cautious, conservative

Synonyms of Unadventurous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unadventurous:

Sentence/Example of Unadventurous:

He felt a prisoner, sitting safe and easy and unadventurous.

Sam claimed to be a very backward, cautious, unadventurous boy.

He was not unadventurous in his scramblings, but with no ambition to get to the top of everything.

"The Wimbushes and the Lapiths were always an unadventurous, respectable crew," said Priscilla, with a note of scorn in her voice.

His intellect was inexhaustibly fertile of distinctions and objections; his temper calm and unadventurous.

By such means even the most incompetent and unadventurous and timid spirits may pass judgment upon all men.

At all events, in quiet Campden, adventures obviously occurred to the unadventurous.

Without strong passion no very deeply coloured life-tapestry can, in these unadventurous days, be woven.

The unadventurous or hurried traveller sticks pretty closely to these.

But her unadventurous spirit shrank from going out in the world to manage by itself.