Unaesthetic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unaesthetic:

And, for the unaesthetic but effective Attila, an able fashioner of pork products from Chicago.

Addio to the German gentleman with the unaesthetic ailments!

After this ringing indictment it surprised no Whipple to read that we had become intolerant, materialistic, unaesthetic.

I remember the first one very well, and I always think of it with indignation; everything was so crude, unaesthetic, primeval.

Instead of calling it the fair, it would have been better to call it the unaesthetic sex.

He shrank from them all, as too downright, bluff, and active; too worldly and unaesthetic; or too stiff and narrow.

Easy of access, and for the most part fertile, they were an ideal country for that unaesthetic person, the practical settler.

Everyone sometimes uses "beauty" in an unaesthetic sense; most people habitually do so.

To everyone, except perhaps here and there an occasional aesthete, the commonest sense of the word is unaesthetic.

The circumstance that makes the appreciation of cost often unaesthetic is the abstractness of that quality.