Unaffected [adjective]

Definition of Unaffected:

honest, unsophisticated

Synonyms of Unaffected:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unaffected:

Sentence/Example of Unaffected:

But Gilder was unaffected by the attorney's lack of satisfaction over the result.

This conduct bespeaks the most pungent and unaffected sorrow.

They were pleasant, kindly, unaffected people and we enjoyed their society.

But the lady in the box had remained silent and unaffected throughout.

"I'm very glad, too," said the other, with unaffected sincerity.

His contempt for the men of Suffering Creek was profound and unaffected.

With all the learning of a Buffon and a Cuvier, he was simple and unaffected as a child.

And yet he remained simple, unaffected, and fundamentally kind.

The tears were still in his eyes, and they were true tears,—tears of most unaffected joy.

"I'm all right, thank you," responded Falkner, with unaffected awkwardness.