Unalloyed [adjective]

Definition of Unalloyed:

whole, intact

Synonyms of Unalloyed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unalloyed:

Sentence/Example of Unalloyed:

You are bitter, Rosa, you reproach me with the only unalloyed pleasure which I have had in this world.

He thought of their joyous day on the Campagna, and then of the unalloyed hours before them.

I had been in Paris three weeks, and they had been weeks of unalloyed delight.

Our first evening in that house was made up of hours of unalloyed bliss.

It would only worry her, and our vacation was to be a season of unalloyed delight.

In the steerage, among the rebels, the most unalloyed misery prevailed.

For the first time, the thought of it gave him unalloyed satisfaction.

She felt an emotion she could not believepure, unalloyed joy!

Originally the motive in park-making had been unalloyed conservation.

The early closing has been an unalloyed good in these rural districts.