Unambitious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unambitious:

It was not quick to move or easily excited; but stolid, cautious, unambitious, procrastinating.

Who showed me how common and dull and unambitious I had been all my life?

It is the founding in an unambitious way of a comfortable home.

Considered in its main outline, how very plain and unambitious is the history!

Harry, as may be supposed, being passive and unambitious, opposed it with all his might.

He was as lazy, as hopeful, and as unambitious as several thousand other riders of the Legion.

What a pity he is just a trifle commonplace and unambitious.

He was far too shrewd not to know this, and far too unambitious to care.

Contented, unambitious people are all very well in their way.

"A squadron of sighs" is unambitious, but neat, terse, and very tempting to the imagination.