Unanimous [adjective]

Definition of Unanimous:

in agreement; uncontested

Opposite/Antonyms of Unanimous:

Sentence/Example of Unanimous:

With a firm and unanimous voice the resolution to follow him was adopted.

It is noticeable that the vote to close the Exchange was not unanimous.

The judges had sat in session the same night, and their judgment had been unanimous.

With one unanimous effort we tore the lashings in pieces, and got free.

The French will never be formidable till they are unanimous.

This verdict has been as good as unanimous in favor of Dryden.

As is the case with so many of his works, the critics are not unanimous upon it.

The people were unanimous in declaring that there was nothing else of such a nature in the village.

His choice by the congregation had been unanimous and cordial.

There was no doubt that the sentiment met with unanimous favor.