Unannounced [adjective]

Definition of Unannounced:

not disclosed

Synonyms of Unannounced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unannounced:

Sentence/Example of Unannounced:

They were interrupted by the sudden and unannounced entrance of her brother.

He was unannounced, as had ever been the custom at Gavrillac.

Finding he could not walk in unannounced, he stood for a moment, his intention blank.

He came swiftly across the lawn to her, unattended and unannounced.

What means the unannounced substitution of other actors in the exciting play?

It was so sudden, rushing out of the dark, unannounced, into our dull lives.

He suddenly recollected he was there unannounced, but what could he do?

To-day, in the midst of hilarity and all unannounced, “company” did appear.

I never stopped to tell her where I was going; I just went in unannounced.

She does not know that you are here, but I think you can go in unannounced.