Unanswerable [adjective]

Definition of Unanswerable:

beyond question

Opposite/Antonyms of Unanswerable:

Sentence/Example of Unanswerable:

Perhaps she did not wish to answer a question so unanswerable.

Ought he not to have felt assured that I must have unanswerable motives for all that I had done?

It were to be wished, that this Objection were unanswerable.

I have nothing else to say; your arguments, Don Lope, are unanswerable.

But he had an alibi all the time, my child; an unanswerable alibi which he preferred to withhold.

Undoubtedly we have no questions to ask which are unanswerable.

To all Sully's arguments she opposed an argument that was unanswerable.

I was doomed to be the recipient of confidences, and to be confronted with unanswerable questions.

In this unanswerable conundrum she quenched the smouldering embers of her wrath.

To me these views appear as clear as crystal and as unanswerable as Euclid.