Unanswered [adjective]

Definition of Unanswered:

not answered

Synonyms of Unanswered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unanswered:

Sentence/Example of Unanswered:

Return me not this with contempt, or torn, or unanswered, I beseech you.

They are ordinary, and leave many questions, which we wanted to ask, unanswered.

There was the sharp challenge of a guard, unanswered; the futile hiss of a weapon.

My despatches are unreplied to, my questions all unanswered.

Hazlitt slipped like a shadow out of his mind—an unanswered question.

This was a question to which it was so difficult to find a reply, that she left it unanswered.

She thought of his unanswered letter and climbed out of bed at once.

The seconds ran to minutes, and the dreadful question was unanswered.

His question was unanswered, for Miss Amabel appeared on the scene.

In short, we began by asking a question, and must end by leaving it unanswered.