Unappealing [adjective]

Definition of Unappealing:

not appealing

Synonyms of Unappealing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unappealing:

Sentence/Example of Unappealing:

The altars, other than the above, are garish and unappealing.

It can, however, be held by will to the unappealing, with the usual result of transforming it into a thing of interest.

The risk of choosing for our symbol a mere arbitrary invention is that it should remain thin and cold and unappealing.

The transepts are square boxlike protuberances, which link the choir with the nave in most unappealing fashion.

The firmness with which the men mouthed their cigars made the lower part of their faces expressionless, heavy, unappealing.

His ceilings were frescoed and figured in most extravagant, but unappealing designs.