Unappreciative [adjective]

Definition of Unappreciative:


Synonyms of Unappreciative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unappreciative:


Sentence/Example of Unappreciative:

But yet he knew himself to be a backward, slow, unappreciative man.

The best water in California, but the author is unappreciative.

It was not only that the public was neglectful, unappreciative.

How unappreciative sisters could be of a brother's sacrifices.

Would you think me very rude and unappreciative if I declined, dear?

She did not want to hear her mother extolled by unappreciative people.

Yet this country has not been unappreciative of the larger aspects of Pan-Americanism.

It must not be thought that I was unappreciative because I say this.

I am ungrateful, unappreciative, and swayed by Dalmorov; not so?

You did not consider me an unappreciative Johnny, nor even a mediocre person!