Unapt [adjective]

Definition of Unapt:


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Sentence/Example of Unapt:

“No unapt picture this, of the life of many of us, Hurry,” said my companion.

A most merciful man, as ready to forgive as unapt to take or give offence.

This is no unapt emblem of the mind's self-experience in the act of thinking.

The poet's chaos was no unapt emblem of the state of my mind.

Archy is as unapt to give out a secret as the rock is to unlock its waters.

Their native tongue is to them strange, inelegant, unapt, and crude.

Drowſie and unapt for Buſineſs, and other nobler Parts of Life.

The whilst I wonder, ask not Speech from me: unapt Is he to speak, whom other will employs.

It is certainly the sort of wine wherewith to tempt a Polyphemus, and not unapt to turn a giant's head.

For you are just, and are not angry lightly; And he is mild, unapt to give offence, As you to be offended.