Unassailable [adjective]

Definition of Unassailable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unassailable:

Sentence/Example of Unassailable:

"You're just about as satisfying to talk to as a stump," she paid tribute to his unassailable calm.

That your communion was unassailable, would not prove that mine was indefensible.

But,” said I, “you said that on the seaward side the place is unassailable.

The open argument was unassailable, and she contented herself with that.

It is not necessary that your judgment should be unassailable.

She stood already on the heights of loyalty and truth, steadfast and unassailable.

In the house of Aunt Morin, in Frlus, her position was unassailable.

The point at which the Mouse lies is finally recognized as unassailable.

Trella did not want to believe Jakdane was right, but his reasoning was unassailable.

He found nothing to say to that shameless but unassailable declaration.