Unassociated [adjective]

Definition of Unassociated:

independent; different

Synonyms of Unassociated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unassociated:

Sentence/Example of Unassociated:

Not a spot there unassociated with memories, but they were the memories of early boyhood.

But it still remained a day of rest, unassociated, except by the Jews, with religion.

It is a physical act, unassociated with deep feeling of any kind.

She stepped over and placed another waltz before Laura, to give the children the incentive of new music, unassociated with drill.

As a matter of fact, when unassociated with gross pathological lesions, the senile tremor has no such significance.

This will confirm the belief that the shortage of fuel is not unassociated with the vested interests.