Unattended [adjective]

Definition of Unattended:

not watched

Synonyms of Unattended:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unattended:


Sentence/Example of Unattended:

Even when his Royal Highness honours me with his presence he is unattended.

She had died at a lodging in the country, alone and unattended.

He came swiftly across the lawn to her, unattended and unannounced.

I will get acquainted with this boy; and, for once, let love be unattended by doubt.'

The mother was unattended, save by her husband—no other woman was near.

It has always been, and is still, my custom to walk about freely and unattended.

All of the beams but two were now stationary and unattended.

I do not think that any throb of my heart was unattended by some volley or discharge.

There was no plan she could devise—no scheme adopt, unattended with peril.

Her mortal body, unattended, went out to dinner that evening.