Unattractive [adjective]

Definition of Unattractive:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Unattractive:

Sentence/Example of Unattractive:

The fruit is unattractive in appearance, and the quality is not high.

It was always to the most unlovable and unattractive that Angela's heart went out.

As somebody remarked cynically once, she was too unattractive to be anything else.

She is quieter in her movements and her shyness is not unattractive.

We had no idea how long this unattractive place might be our home.

Unattractive as are the names of the two last, the fish themselves are excellent.

In the Second Part, she is old, unattractive, and is a widow.

But if Stott was unattractive to women, women were even more unattractive to Stott.

He was not unattractive in appearance, his fortune was considerable, and his manners were good.

By this light, for one moment only, we saw a strange, and not unattractive spectacle.