Unauthentic [adjective]

Definition of Unauthentic:

counterfeit, fake

Synonyms of Unauthentic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unauthentic:

Sentence/Example of Unauthentic:

Do you consider the names of the seventy-two elders also unauthentic?

But it is only their connection with the West Saxon house that is unauthentic.

"I have seen a lot of unauthentic relics," she said with a touch of obstinacy.

They were not spurious, nor, so far as we know, unauthentic; but rather imperfect.

For the view that they are unauthentic see Holtzmann, Hand-comm.

A general review of the Ossian question, in which the unauthentic character of the poems is asserted.

If the history of William Tell itself is unauthentic, we must not demand authenticity for its visible memorials and sites.

There are numerous portraits of St Louis, but they are unauthentic and contradictory.

Did Douglas misinterpret these articles, or did he chance upon an unauthentic version of them?

Legends are told of Robin's scorned defiance of the laws, but they are intangible and unauthentic.