Unaware [adjective]

Definition of Unaware:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unaware:

Sentence/Example of Unaware:

I almost think he was unaware of the possibility of doing otherwise.

Unaware of his funeral, Timmins himself stood scratching his poll.

"I have an idea that Mr. Galloway is as yet unaware of it," said Hamish.

The public, unaware of what was happening, wanted me to appear again and bow.

Mr. Dunbar may have been unaware of my existence until this moment.

I know also that you were, until this hour, unaware of your destiny.

Consequently she was unaware of the mishap to the white flannels.

At the hilltop she stopped, unaware of his coming, and looked back.

But she had one resource of courage of which he was unaware: her faith.

Most of the passengers were asleep, 337 unaware of all this––which was why Carter hastened it.