Unawareness [noun]

Definition of Unawareness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unawareness:

Sentence/Example of Unawareness:

He was a small, dark figure, like an animal moving in its unawareness.

She had found a blessed refuge from her perplexities in the stolid Adelaide's unawareness.

It had become evident to him that what might be dulness might also be unawareness.

It was so wonderful to me, their unawareness that they were bores.

He blacked out, sinking helplessly into the black plush night of unawareness.

Their very aloofness from the world—its unawareness of their story's existence made for the perfection of all they felt.

But still more responsible for their unawareness was the educational system in which they were reared.

It rebukes the extravagance, the rigidity, the unawareness of the individual who fails to adapt himself to his social environment.